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The Season Of Giving

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

SMC Educational Foundation Provides Therapeutic Yoga and Stress Management For Those In Our Community Who Need Special Access

SMC Educational Foundation allows the Stress Management Center to reach people in our local community without the means to afford necessary stress management, pain management and help with injuries.

Please help us support resiliency programs for highly vulnerable, financially stressed populations, including Veterans, Youth, TBI and Stroke Survivors.


Supporting Kids At Risk Through Youth Athletics

Supporting high school students in their transition to college is vital. Students face unique challenges, including financial constraints, limited access to resources, and a lack of guidance, which leads to well documented stress and anxiety at a time in their lives that's supposed to be filled with hope and possibility. We empower young athletes, some of whom would be the first in their families to attend college. We teach them to manage their injuries and promote healthy lifestyle which bolsters mental wellbeing.

The yoga program we offer to young athletes includes training in stress management, self-care, and breathing. Graduates from the past 15 years remark on the benefits they received and how they continue to use these skills in their working lives post academia. Through your help, we are able to make a contribution to the community that helps these students pursue their dreams and unlock their full potential.


Expanded Offerings for TBI & Stroke Survivors

Thanks to your ongoing support, we were able to offer classes at Schurig Center for Brain Injury Recovery throughout the pandemic. We're pleased to be back in-person once again. We were happy to find that people with traumatic brain injuries received great benefit in classes via Zoom, so now all of our classes are hybrid! This format gives the community even more accessibility to our evidence-based movement program. Please help us support and expand classes for TBI & Stroke survivors!


Yoga For Vets

SMC conducted research with USF, proving our Yoga for Veterans Program improves sleep and increases a sense of wellbeing by addressing the physical, mental, and emotional challenges that many veterans face after their service.

Through yoga, veterans can find relief from stress, anxiety, and PTSD, improve their physical well-being, and cultivate a sense of community and support. It empowers them to regain control over their bodies and minds, fostering resilience and a path towards healing and well-being. Plans are in place to open a new class for Vets in our area. Stay tuned for updates!


Thank You for Donating

Our Promise To You: We will use your donation to pay teachers and buy equipment. That's it. No administrative costs. Your contribution goes right to helping people on a life path that has become very challenging. With your support, we give them tools to cope and even thrive!



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