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Yoga Benefit For Youth Football Athletes: Jared Goff Says "Keep Stretching!"

Updated: Feb 8

SMC is celebrating Robin’s 15th season stretching out the Marin Catholic Varsity Football team!  She has had the opportunity to help young athletes reach their goals of playing at the NCAA University level and beyond.  The 2023 season was especially fun, as we watched Jared Goff, one of her MC students, help his team, the Detroit Lions, win the NFC North Championship!


This article is an excerpt of a Marin Independent Journal piece from Robin’s first season in 2009!  Yoga for football was a new concept then.  Enjoy!

Marin Catholic High School Football Team Explore the game-changing role of yoga therapy in enhancing youth football athletes' performance. From improved flexibility to mental resilience, find out how this practice is revolutionizing the athletic experience for young football players
Marin Catholic High School football team gathers for a final team cheer before Saturday’s state division III championship game following their workout at L.A. Harbor College in Wilmington, CA on Friday, 12.19.09

Prep football state championship notes: Yoga keeps Marin Catholic offensive linemen on move

Published in the Marin Independent Journal by DAVE CURTIS and JOHN SWARTZ, December 18, 2009

When the Marin Catholic High football team faces Serra of Gardena in the Division III state championship game, the Wildcats will be working hard to keep the football out of the Cavaliers' hands. That means limiting Serra's time of possession, which puts the onus on the Marin Catholic offensive line to open holes for running back Chris Adams, quarterback Nate Kristoff and Co. so the Wildcats can sustain drives.

Tackles Mike Padovese and Remington Stobo, guards Ryan Lynch and Johnny Gasca and center Walker Morison will have their hands full against Serra's athletic defensive front. But they have a secret weapon on their side all season: yoga instructor Robin Gueth.

"The big thing that's helped us this year is yoga," Padovese said of the Monday morning sessions at the school. "She comes, she helps us out. She stretches us out if we've got special injuries. She's a great lady."

The yoga program, the players say, helped them stay fresh and enabled them to wear down opposing defenses.

"Our run game, after one quarter, two quarters, maybe you can stop us," Lynch said. "But in the third and fourth quarters after running the ball the whole game, it gets extremely difficult to stand up and take on blocks and tackle the running backs. We want to wear them out."

Discover the holistic benefits of integrating yoga therapy into youth football training. From improved flexibility to mental resilience, find out how this practice is revolutionizing the athletic experience for young football players.
Jared Goff, former Marin Catholic student, says "Keep Stretching!" Flexibility, mindfulness, and injury prevention techniques contribute to football athletes success on the field.

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