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About The Stress Management Center

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SMC. Feel Better. Live Better. 

We are the authority for Yoga Therapy in Northern California. Our evidence-based programs offer the fastest route to physical and mental wellness.

We specialize in:
Yoga Therapy
Group Yoga Classes
TBI & Stroke
Back Care
Stress Management
Private Yoga Therapy
Healthy Aging
Youth Althletics
Therapist Training
Yoga for Veterans
Pain Management

“Bodies are rivers, not ponds. They have to move, both mentally and physically.”
~ Robin Gueth, SMC Founder

Private Yoga Therapy is geared entirely to your needs. Your Yoga Therapist will help meet the long-term goals while addressing aches and pains of daily life! Available in-person or virtual.

The Stress Management Center (SMC) Story

In 2000, Robin Gueth founded the Stress Management Center of Marin as an alternative to the popular "hot" or “power” yoga. She envisioned a healing center in the broadest sense, including yoga, movement, philosophy, lifestyle and research. More than just a yoga studio, the Stress Management Center has become a hub for education, rehabilitation, community connection, and healing. SMC is proud to have sponsored 3 research studies in partnership with Harvard and USF to prove their programs efficacy. It is truly a center for Yoga Therapy in the fullest sense.

The Stress Management Center enjoys 20+ year relationships with the Schurig Center for Brain Injury Recovery, MarinHealth, Bon Air Cottage (group home) and Kaiser Permanente. SMC provides speciality classes to all of their organizations based on their need. For Kaiser Permanente these classes have included training Kaiser doctors in stress management and resilience, and working with the chronic pain management program.


In 2009, SMC began training others in their style of yoga therapy. Robin was one of the first members of the International Association of Yoga Therapists when it formed in 1996, and The Stress Management Center was the first yoga therapy program accredited by IAYT in the Bay Area in 2015. It is one of the oldest accredited programs for yoga therapy in the U.S.

SMC's core value is accessibility. In order to facilitate that, Robin founded the SMC Educational Foundation in 2009. The Foundation offers sliding scale classes for youth athletics, traumatic brain injury, stroke, and Veterans through our Free Yoga For Vets program. The Foundation's work is made possible through community support.

David Siskin,

I was in extreme pain with my shoulder and went to several doctors.  They recommended Advil or surgery.  My friend recommended Robin and the SMC.  Within days I was feeling better and in weeks totally cured.  Now the SMC has become part of my weekly routine. They're simply the best.

 Dan Winey,
Managing Principal, Gensler  

I had a back injury that kept me off the golf course for over a year.  Based on what my Doctor's were telling me, I thought that I might never play again.  A close friend recommended my taking Yoga and introduced me to Robin. I experienced immediate results. Much to my surprise, my golf game improved to a level equivalent to my college years.

Bob Kristoff
Attorney at Law

After I ruptured a disc in my back, I tried everything to relieve the pain - acupuncture, chiropractor, meds, etc.  Before surgery, a friend suggested Robin and yoga therapy. The stretching sessions have returned me to normal activities and kept me from going under the knife. Thanks, SMC!

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