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Healthcare Providers


Broaden Your Reach. Retain Your Clients.

Building your business is hard work. Whether you are part of a larger healthcare environment or an independent Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Acupuncturist, Personal Trainer or Coach, client care is an important part of keeping your business healthy.

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Team Up for Success

Offering workshops and special care to your clients is a way of broadening your reach in the community and showing commitment to your client base. SMC has been teaming up with healthcare providers for 2 decades. We provide motivational talks, workshops, classes, and private sessions that address the most common issues you see on a daily basis. All of our work is customizable to ensure that your clients hear a cohesive message.

Proven Track Record

We have been working with Kaiser Permanente and local hospitals for nearly 20 years, offering everything from classes for their members to workshops for doctors, nurses and staff. We were asked to develop a program for Kaiser Permanente Physician Wellness and we train Kaiser Permanente Medical Doctors in Stress Management and Resilience annually. We have also had great success joining existing healthcare teams when additional personnel was needed. Our team will seamlessly integrate with your philosophy to help your clients meet their healthcare goals.

Elevate Your Offering

Find out how offering a special seminar or series can show your clients that you support their commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Would your clients benefit from a cutting edge talk on Sleep?  Stress Management? Office Aches and Pains or Back Care?  We can lead a lecture/workshop for you, or integrate the appropriate movement/meditation segment into your existing program. We can make any healthcare or lifestyle topic more engaging with movement and evidence-based resources.

A Few Examples of Customized Programs to Get Your Ideas Going...

6 week program for medical doctors within
an HMO Physician Wellness Program

Active motivational talks for 500+ person groups, from Kaiser Permanente to schools and corporate retreats

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Let us design a unique program for your practice!

Contact us today.

Provide Yoga and Bodywork annually at a 1500+ employee health fair

Part of Chronic Pain Specialist team, adding movement to a 10 week Chronic Pain Program

Yoga and Meditation provider for evening seminars with
Dr. Martin Rossman

4 week course in Yoga and Stress Management for Law Practices

National Youth Leadership Forum
on Medicine
CAM provider

Yoga Therapy office events as an employee benefit to stressed staff

What does the medical field think about SMC?

Laura Fraser
Kaiser Permanente

Everyone from SMC works collaboratively to provide exceptional services for Kaiser Permanente. We are grateful for consistent delivery of professional services from SMC.

Deborah Knowles
Bon Air Cottage

We have worked with many members of the team trained by Robin and the SMC faculty.  We have always found them to be highly skilled, bright, compassionate, professional, and full of integrity.  SMC-trained therapists are so strong that we have a hired several to work full-time in our organization. We recommend them highly!

Dr. Shaikr
Soluna Health

In my 20 years of business in medicine the SMC grad we work with is in the top 5% in her field of mind body health.

Kaiser Anchor

SMC & Kaiser Permanente

The Stress Management Center of Marin has a wonderful working relationship with our local Kaiser Permanente offices. For decades, we have provided support for Doctors, Nurses, and Staff, as well as classes and workshops for Kaiser members and companies who offer Kaiser Permanente as a healthcare choice to their employees.

Interested in support for you or your team?

Kaiser Members:

Join from anywhere with our online offering! SMC offers a two-month virtual series with one class per week at a substantial discount for Kaiser members. You can join the series for only $80. This is an average of $10 per class! Purchase your Kaiser Member Pass here.

Have a non-Kaiser friend? They are welcome too! Purchase a Non-Kaiser pass for $100 here.


Kaiser Team Leaders:

SMC offers several ways to support your team and let them know how valuable they are. We work regularly with Employee Wellness, Physician Wellness, and Health Education Departments, among others. Programs include:

  • Stress Management and Resilience: A 4–6 week program we developed for the Physician Wellness Program (PWP) at Kaiser Permanente. After 10+ years of offering this program, we have collected research proving the doctors are better able to handle the stress of their medical careers and improve their sleep profiles.

  • Yoga Therapy Classes and Workshops: We can emphasize any topic, including Back Care, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Stress Relief, Sleep, etc.

  • Massage: The SMC team of bodyworkers are well-known at Kaiser offices in Marin, Petaluma and San Francisco! We can send teams out 7 days a week, 24 hours per day.

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