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SMC Educational Foundation

Providing yoga and stress management tools to those in our local community who need special access.

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Giving Back to the Community!

SMC Educational Foundation allows the Stress Management Center to reach people in our local community. People without means to afford stress management, pain management and help with injuries.

The SMC Educational Foundation seeks funding for resiliency programs to support the mental well-being of highly vulnerable, financially stressed populations, including Veterans, Youth, TBI and Stroke Survivors, among others.

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TBI & Stroke

In 2006, SMC, Harvard & USF teamed up for research at Schurig Center for Brain Injury Recovery. Our research showed an increase in respiratory strength and dramatic improvement in

sense of well-being.

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Student Athletes

Since 2009, our work with young athletes has proven instrumental in a broad-based reduction of the number and severity of injuries. We also see fewer concussions. Students learn life skills to keep their bodies healthy and pain-free.

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Yoga For Vets

In 2011, the SF Veteran’s Association helped us create our North Bay program in response to SMC’s positive research showing improvement in the wellbeing of adults with TBI, a very common injury in the veteran community.

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Your Donation Supports Our Neighbors In Need

We will use your donation to pay teachers and buy equipment. That's it. No administrative costs. Your contribution goes right to helping people on a life path that has become very challenging. With your support, we give them tools to cope and even thrive!

2017 Bay Area- Wide Summer Classic Youth Football Camp
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2017 Bay Area- Wide Summer Classic Youth Football Camp

Building teamwork with good sportsmanship while learning to take care of their bodies with nutrition and stretching.

Get In Touch With Us

We would love to hear from you. We are available for classes and public speaking on a variety of topics. We are also happy to hear your ideas for our work in the community.

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