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Class Pass Options

Yoga that meets you where you are. Want to get a little stronger? Want to learn stress management techniques? Group classes offer an opportunity to build community while addressing aches and pains.

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Class Pass Options

Here are our most popular options. For a complete overview of class passes (and gift cards!) please check out our full list of offerings here.

Drop-In Class
Price: $25
New to SMC? This is a great way to sample our offerings or invite a friend to check out your favorite teacher.
USES: 1 Use
EXPIRES: 12 Months
Introductory Offer:
1 Private + 1 Group Class

Price: $99
1 Private Appointment + 1 Group Class, scheduled at your convenience with the teacher of your choice online or in-person. Ideal for people new to yoga or suffering from a recent injury. Makes a great gift!

USES: 1 Private Appointment + 1 Group Class
EXPIRES: 12 Months
4 Class Monthly Membership
Regular Price: $80
Senior Price: $60

Do you attend one class a week and want to control your billing cycle? This pass is good for 4 classes per month and renews every 30 days. Unused classes do not carry over.
USES: 4 Uses
EXPIRES: 1 Month
10 Class Punchcard
Regular Price: $170
Senior Price: $145
This pass allows you to take 10 classes at your leisure and is valid for a year. You'll receive notification when your card is running low. This is a great family pass to share!
USES: 10
EXPIRES: 12 Months

2 Month Healthcare Series
Regular Price: $100
Kaiser Member Discount: $80
Inspired by our work with Kaiser Permanente, this is a 2 month series focusing aches and pains, breathing techniques and relaxation. The series is available 6 times a year and is the most affordable class pass we offer. Open to all, Kaiser Members receive an additional discount.
USES: 7-9 Classes per Series
EXPIRES: 2 Months
AUTO-RENEWS: Every 2 Months
Unlimited Monthly Membership
Price: $150

Meet your health and wellness goals by attending class several times a week. This pass allows you the freedom to take any class that fits your schedule at one fixed monthly price. Auto renews every month. 
USES: Unlimited Use
EXPIRES: 1 Month
3 Simple Steps to Book A Class
Select a Class

Select a class from the SMC Schedule.

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Sign In

If you are a Member, please click the green “Sign In” button. If you are new to us, click the blue “Create Account” button.

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Reserve Your Spot

Once you've signed in, select your class and click “Reserve My Spot!” An email will be sent to you with further instructions and / or links to your class.


If prompted, please follow the steps on the screen to purchase a pass. 

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For more information on booking, changing, or attending a class, please see our FAQ page.

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