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Corporate Wellness


Show Your Employees How Much You Care!

The Stress Management Center provides programs to your employees that help relieve stress, care for their backs, and manage a myriad of aches and pains from their workday life. Offering these programs through Human Resources is a great way to show your commitment to their wellness. This leads to better retention, improved satisfaction, and increased performance.


SMC can design a single lunchtime event, a 6 week course, or ongoing programs. We have provided companies with everything from weekly movement classes to daily meditations for Stress Management. Our team is frequently asked for on-site care, including movement and massage therapy. Our newest offering, SMC OnDemand, extends our integrated wellness services. Read more below!

We’ve developed programs for:

  • Kaiser Permanente

  • Wells Fargo

  • Paul Hastings

  • County of Marin

  • Gong

  • MarinHealth

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How To Create A Team In A Hybrid Environment

SMC can be a part of an effective wellness program for the “new normal” of hybrid / remote workforces. Empower your employees, improve performance, and foster team connections in a diffuse setting. Choose from one of our popular workplace programs below or contact us to create something specifically for you! Pricing starts at $350 per class for companies of 150 people or less, travel not included. Available online or in-person. Quotes for larger companies available upon request.

Our Most Popular Classes

Core Values

physical strength plus inner focus, posture and backcare

Worksite Stress Management

proven techniques to promote team work and resilience

Yoga Remedies for Daily Life

yoga therapy for aches and pains

& Moving for Stress Relief

slow and quiet
yoga class

Mindfulness Meditation

classic technique for stress relief and improved focus

Up Your Game

pre- and post-
sports stretching 

The Daily
Wind Down

finishing your day and improving
our sleep

Take A Break From Your Desk

Online classes are structured so you can partcipate in your space and not be tied to the screen. The instructor will be able to see and guide you through breathing and movement. A live instructor guarantees a more personalized online experience. Studies prove that a short break will relax and rejuvenate you, creating a fresh approach to the remainder of your day.

Desk Dynamics

reduce back and upper body strain with

Desk Dynamics

reduce back and upper body strain with

Let us design a unique program for your company. Contact us today.

ALL ACCESS: Ask us about getting a discount code for all SMC offerings and private sessions.


“The transition to working from home wrecked my body. Multiple doctors and various tests yielded little success. SMC was the answer. I’m now in the best shape of my life. I understand my body much better and, thanks to my sessions with Robin, I can troubleshoot more problems on my own. And it’s all been virtual! Thanks, SMC!”
- Ryan L, Moraga

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SMC Employee Wellness Now One-Click Away

SMC OnDemand allows your employees to have immediate access to a C-IAYT certified yoga therapist in real-time. Your employees will have a responsive 1:1 conversation to help solve everything from the ergonomics of their desks to maintaining focus during a stressful day in a changing environment. 

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