Frequently Asked Questions

1)  First Classes are Free?  Yes!  Come try out a class and see if it fits.  Bring a friend!  No need to call in advance.  Just arrive a few minutes before class to fill out our Client Info Form.

2)  How about trying out Private Sessions?  There are two ways to see if Private Sessions are best for you.  First, book a Consultation.  Consults are about 30 mins and cost $35.  They can be scheduled most anytime, 7 days a week.  Second, we offer a $99 Special that includes a Private Session plus 3 regular public classes.  

3)  What can private Yoga Therapy do for me?  Yoga Therapy is an individualized approach to help you ease aches and pains and feel better.  It includes movement, breathing, meditation and lifestyle tips designed just for you.  And everything is written out at the end of the session so you have a game plan when you get home. In our 20 years in Larkspur, we have worked with all kinds of pain, stress, surgery pre-hab and re-hab, and ongoing wellness therapies.  We see lots of athletes, executives, seniors, doctor-referred patients, and mental health patients plus the local neighborhood.

4) Is there evidence that Yoga Therapy works?   The research is in:  Esteemed organizations like the National Institute of Health (NIH), Mayo Clinic, MC Anderson Cancer Center and Harvard Medical School have been publishing great research in the benefits of yoga therapy and stress management/mindfulness.  Evidence shows that yoga therapy is so effective for back pain, chronic pain, asthma, and stress that it is considered an important additional therapy by support organizations like the American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association and the National Institute of Health.  To read some research, click here.

5) How do I choose a Yoga Therapist?  The easiest way to choose a Yoga Therapist is through a Consultation.  You will meet with the owner, Robin Gueth, and she will help you find the right therapist for your timeframe and issue.  To sign up for a Consultation, click here, or call SMC at (415) 461-2288

6) How do I choose a yoga class?  We offer a variety of class that one thing in common:  They are all based in Yoga Therapy.  That means the teacher is well-trained in a variety of issues and ailments and they will ask you about your state of health when you come in for class.  They will give you a Client Info Form to fill out and sign that has space for you to tell us about your health and any issues you are working with.  Then the teacher will use that knowledge to create a class that is safe and effective for everyone in the room.  Styles of Yoga:  Our teachers offer many popular styles of yoga.  Viniyoga, InnerBody, Swaroopa, Iyengar style, Integral style, Restorative and other Hatha yoga and sometimes mixed with Feldenkrais and various release techniques with balls and props.  All styles are adapted to meet you where you are.  So that your experience is rejuvenating, enlightening, and eases your aches and pains.  Where to start:  You can call us to ask about the best class for you, or ask about classes during your 30min Consultation.  Or, just choose a class that fits your schedule and try it out.  It's free!

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