The Stress Management Center of Marin
Yoga Tools for Daily Life

Originally designed to address stiffness, injuries and illness, this is also a great "first yoga therapy class." Postures are approached gently with emphasis on breathing and comfort.

KAISER Yoga Therapy

These classes are taught on location at the listed KAISER facility. Classes range from entry level (also appropriate for injuries), to Yoga for Healthy Backs and Active Yoga for Building Strength. Contact Health Education at Kaiser Permanente for help selecting the best class for you.

Yoga of the Heart™

Designed by Nischala Devi and used by Dr. Dean Ornish for his world famous hospital study Reversing Heart Disease, this program will teach you how to drop your blood pressure at will and address the many additional stress factors that contribute to hypertension and high blood pressure. Taught in a semi-private format so that individual attention can be given, this class is a wonderful mid-week relaxation.

Healthy Backs

This class provides a foundation for a healthy spine and back. Based in Yoga Therapy for Back Pain Relief, you will learn tools to strengthen the core and support the back. Classes are rooted in Viniyoga, Iyengar and Pilates techniques.

Slow Flow Yoga

Slow Flow is a therapeutic class that is useful for the beginning student to the more advanced seeking to understand the details of alignment or looking for relief from pain. Through slow movement and use of props, students focus to open up, strengthen and realign some source of discomfort in the body and/or seek to understand what the body is striving to achieve or activate in specific poses. It is rooted in the Iyengar yoga and Viniyoga traditions with close attention to modifications for individual needs.


Viniyoga is a method for developing personal practice. It respects each individual's physical, emotional and mental conditions. "The word Vini suggests the ability to recognize these differences and to adapt the proper methods to each individual."—TKV Desikachar

InnerBody Yoga

Rooted in the non-dogmatic approach of Angela Farmer, this class is an eclectic blend of techniques. We will tackle any issue, from sore backs to insomnia to airplane travel woes! This is a lively group and great fun for all.