The Stress Management Center of Marin


"Robin Gueth has created a safe haven for stress reduction in a high stress world."

Larry Payne, Ph.D., Co-author, "Yoga for Dummies," "Yoga Rx," and "The Business of Teaching Yoga"

"I have worked with Robin off and on for seven years. During that time we have focused on number of specific problem areas. Her pragmatic and straight forward approach not only consistently gets results, it is also one of the most enjoyable and relaxing things I do. I recommend her without reservation."

Clyde Ostler, Executive Vice President, Wells Fargo

"I've been doing private yoga and massage over 8 years at SMC. The team there has seen me thru 2 car accidents and numerous changes and is undoubtedly the lynchpin in restoring and maintaining my quality of life. The studio is such a quiet, soothing, orderly environment. It's relaxing just walking in the door! Whether it's 3 sessions to become inspired and empowered with new techniques or a lifetime practice, I highly recommend Robin and the team at SMC."

Vince Mulroy, Real Estate Development

"I used to pull a muscle every season, playing tennis. Stretching out with Robin at SMC has kept me on the court this whole season without a single injury! Thanks, Robin!"

Jim Kauffman, EVP Western Region, Marriott International

"I had a back injury that kept me off the golf course for over a year. Based on what my Doctor's were telling me, I thought that I might never play again. A close friend recommended my taking Yoga and introduced me to Robin. I experienced immediate results. Much to my surprise, my golf game improved to a level equivalent to my college years. I have recommended Robin to many of my friends, she really gets results!"

Dan Winey, Managing Principal Northwest/Asia Pacific, Gensler

"After I ruptured a disc in my back, I tried everything to relieve the pain - acupuncture, chiropractor, meds, etc. Before surgery, a friend suggested Robin and yoga therapy. Incredibly, after the first session, the back pain and numbness in my leg disappeared. The stretching sessions have returned me to normal activities and kept me from going under the knife. Thanks, Robin!"

Bob Kristoff, Attorney at Law

"I was in extreme pain with my shoulder and went to several doctors. They recommended Advil or surgery. My friend recommended Robin and the SMC. Within days I was feeling better and in weeks totally cured. Now the SMC has become part of my weekly routine. They're simply the best."

David Siskin, Entrepreneur

"The strap is marvelous because you can use it in your bedroom, in a hotel after a flight or anywhere- a great stretching tool. Robin really has some fresh ideas for dealing with aches and pains. I walk out of my sessions with her feeling taller, looser, just better. I highly recommend her."

Bill Poland, President, Bay West Group

"My back was killing me yesterday. It feels good now. Thanks"

Robert Kristoff, Attorney

"I have been blessed to have you (Robin) as my mentor and teacher. I so appreciate your clarity and insight on the situation. I plan on following your recommendations."

Eva Yearsley, SMC Staff

"Robin, Thank you for helping us when we thought the stress was un-manageable. You kept everything centered"

Jim McCullough and Meli Cook

"We learned not only about yoga but things about life. It was portrayed in a fun way and interesting as well. Thank you."

Students at the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine

"Thank you so much for helping get me ‘back in the game.' We're having lots of fun sailing and walking our dogs. I feel very blessed!"

Sylvia Stewert

"Thank you for you presentation to the Commission on Aging today. The information on Yoga and stress management you presented was well-received – you did a terrific job!"

Annette Gent, County of Marin Division of Aging

"Thank you for helping me recover from my motocross accident. I made a rapid recovery and am now back at work flying as a Captain for Continental Airlines having passed extensive medical validation of my recovery. Many people observed that I was making rapid progress (healing). Also my health care providers were very impressed with how quickly I recovered. I let them know that SMC and yoga were responsible. I will always recommend your group for people facing health problems and hope that they too will enjoy the fantastic results that I have enjoyed."

Steve Bowman

Parents and new moms:

"You have helped me get my body ready for labor, but even more important, you also helped me prepare my mind!” “I look forward to getting back to my practice."

"Thank you so much for introducing the girls to yoga—and more. You and SMC are a treasure!"

Clients recovering from illness or injury:

"I want to thank the staff of SMC for the wonderful advice, guidance, and encouragement you provided to help me recover from the motorcycle accident I suffered in September. The goals you set and the classes I attended kept me moving forward toward a rapid recovery."

"Since I got sick, you have been the only person to offer an actual solution. You truly personify what yoga is all about: loving, living, and healing. Thank you!"

"My health care professionals have been very impressed with how quickly I have recovered and I let them know that SMC and yoga were responsible."

"When I first talked to you last fall, I was so sick I could barely function. You not only introduced me to yoga, but to other health care professionals who help me greatly."

"Within three weeks my blood pressure had come down and I'd cut my Advil in half, without stiffness. Back pain has vanish and my middle-of-the-night insomnia has lessened."

"You didn't just ignore my pain, but took the time to ask me about it and refer me to those you felt could help me."

Other comments:

"Thank you so much for a very eye-opening and pleasurable experience. As a chiropractor, I now understand how yoga will fit very well into my patient's health regime."

"I had to tell you how much you helped me last Monday in class. The hip stretches made a big difference in my walking. You are doing more for me physically and mentally than my doctor."

"Thanks for helping this become a stress-free year!"

"I have been looking for years for yoga classes that I can do—and you have made it possible for me to participate in lots of classes. The teaching is so inspired and individualized that the classes are a delight, and the benefits abundant."

"Having never done yoga before, I was hesitant and felt some apprehension that I could not perform or ‘keep up.' Your teaching made it very easy for a beginner like me to understand and participate fully in your class."

"Thanks to you, yoga, and a new lifestyle, I'm healthy and happy again!"