Robin Gueth
Robin is the owner of the Stress Management Center of Marin. A 35 year veteran of yoga, she has been teaching yoga therapy for 15 years. Her principal certifications are from the American Yoga College (aka International Yoga College) with Rama Jyoti Vernon (both 200hr and 500hr certifications with an emphasis in Yoga Therapy). She was also a Board Member of AYC. Robin holds certifications in Yoga of the Heart (TM) Level 1 and 2 with Nischala Joy Devi, and decades of study with Angela Farmer and Victor van Kooten. Additionally, Robin's background includes Kripalu yoga, Iyengar yoga, Shiatsu and Thai massage, Feldenkrais, Dharma- and Acu-Yoga.

Robin's teaching experience includes general yoga classes at both SMC and Kaiser Permanente and specialty classes at the Marin Brain Injury Network and private locations, working with various types of mental illness, respiratory illness and orthopedic issues. Robin can also be found on the 50 yard line at Marin Catholic High School, stretching out the football team! She is available for private classes and one-on-one care.

Lynn Weinberger
Lynn began her study of yoga in India 40 years ago. She completed three certified teacher trainings prior to her study with Gary Kraftsow at the American Viniyoga Institute, where she completed the 1000 hour teacher training and yoga therapy certification. She is a certified Yoga Therapist and a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). Lynn is featured in Gary Kraftsow’s two DVD series on the NIH-sponsored Clinical Study on the Back. She has been a teacher at the Stress Management Center of Marin for nearly a decade. She also offers classes in Sonoma and San Anselmo and sees students privately.

Jessica Zerr
Fired up with passion for the healing power of movement in all its forms, Jessica draws on a combined 26 years of dance, yoga, and athletic training to offer sequencing that develops natural flow, ease, and strength in the body. With individual attention to grounded and tension-free alignment, Jessica cultivates a sincere, non-judgmental environment in which to explore the effects of asana, breath, and attention on energy flow in the body. Where energy moves, healing occurs! Over the last 12 years, Jessica has studied primarily Dynamic, Iyengar, and Viniyoga with Robin Buck, Tony Briggs, and Lynn Weinberger. She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher certification under Tony Briggs, is registered with the Yoga Alliance, and completed Yoga Therapy Training with renowned teachers Lynn Weinberger, Mirka Kraftsow, Janice Gates, Richard Miller, and Nischala Joy Devi. She is currently undergoing massage therapist certification and continues to study with master energy and body worker Lynda Caesara.

Jessica has a deep commitment to bringing the healing art of yoga to every class, interweaving breathwork, dynamic flow, attention to alignment and intuitive movement within the freedom to laugh, fall, and get back up again, renewed!

Paul Vasquez
Paul has been a Yoga practitioner since 1989 and has been teaching in Marin since 1994. He studied for two years initially at the Yoga Center of Marin in Corte Madera and for five years independently with Christine Walton, master Somatic and Yoga instructor. He calls his work Somatic Yoga - incorporating the core principles of both Yoga and Pilates. His teaching style is gentle on the wrists and restores the body to its natural sense of well-being. Paul specifically targets the needs of people who work for a living. The most common problems presented in a working population include low back pain, hip tension from prolonged sitting at desks, wrist problems from excessive time on computers along with neck and shoulder tension. His classes effectively address these issues while recognizing that relaxation is of the highest priority. Paul believes the greatest value of Yoga is in providing students with a palpable sense of relief and improvement to the actual somatic problems resulting from the wear and tear of everyday life.

Lori Whitney Holscher
Lori Whitney Holscher was introduced to yoga in 1996 as a compliment to her athletic background and career as a personal trainer. She was hooked by the strong flow of Vinyassa and forever changed by yoga’s practice of mindfulness and meditation. Lori began her yoga studies with Sarah Powers in 1997, and completed Sarah’s teacher training in 1998. Since then she has taught Power Yoga, Vinyassa and created a beginners Vinyassa/Core class at two studios. Her classes combine a strong physical practice with a deep emphasis on breath to offer a balanced mind/body experience. She is currently completing a 200 hour Yoga Therapy Certification at The Stress Management of Marin. When not ‘on the mat,’ Lori spends her time running in the hills, coaching youth sports, and being a mom to three kids.

Yvette Racines, RYT 200, Prenatal Certified
After her first Vinyasa yoga class, Yvette knew she unveiled a new sense of self. This inevitably led to a deeper curiosity of the dormant energy we all have inside that often remains untapped. Yvette followed her heart and began the journey toward Svadhyaya, the study of self. As she began her yoga teacher training at Into This World Yoga, Yvette quickly recognized her responsibility to share this ancient teaching.

Yvette is certified at the 200 hour level and registered with Yoga Alliance. She is also a certified prenatal yoga teacher. Yvette had the incredible opportunity of teaching prenatal yoga during her own pregnancy. Yvette works to offer women the tools that can foster a harmonious and empowering experience during pregnancy and childbirth.

As a devoted student of yoga Yvette values the ever changing journey toward self-awareness. And as a teacher, Yvette’s intention is to reconnect people from all walks of life with their innate ability to love, surrender and trust in their truest self through the practice of yoga.

Diana Faraone, M.A., D.T.R.
Diana is a dedicated teacher and practitioner of yoga and loves her work. She began studying yoga and meditation at age 19 and both continue to be part of her spiritual practice. Her philosophy is one of inclusion, believing that anyone can benefit from a yoga practice, and excels at teaching beginners and those with physical challenges. She creates a safe and supportive environment paying particular attention to principles of alignment, and uses her knowledge and intuition to personalize students' asanas, challenging them to go to the next level when she senses they are ready. Diana earned her B.A. in Dance and M.A. in Dance/Movement Therapy at UCLA where her coursework included anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and psychology. She has danced and performed all her life and has taught as adjunct faculty in the Dance Departments of Sonoma State University and Santa Rosa Jr. College. She strives to make yoga accessible to all and currently teaches for SMC at Kaiser Hospitals in Novato and Petaluma. She also teaches yoga at Petaluma Valley Athletic Club, and accommodates private clients in Marin and Sonoma Counties.

Trinity Sipilia
Trinity was introduced to yogic breath and asana at the age of 12 and it continues to be a central part of her life 24 years later. Her teaching is deeply influenced by her study of Tai chi, Qi Gung, Feldenkrias, Ayurveda and her 17 year career as a professional massage therapist (C.M.T.). Trinity says: “When I am in my yoga practice life just makes sense. Yoga is a path of truth. It is one of those precious practices that allows life to reveal its secrets while allowing the heart and senses to experience peace, presence and belonging. With yoga, life is so much more workable, love is much more attainable... especially self-love. My yoga practice has been a wonderfully reliable source of wisdom and connection, a place where I find intimacy with my body, mind and emotions. Skillful yoga opens us to life, and gives us the grounding, stability, grace and skillfulness to engage it fully. Yoga is a path with gifts that only come through our entering, engaging and moving with passion along it’s twisty pathways. It asks us to be authentic, sincere and devoted and in return reveals to us the rich wholeness that we already are. It is my deep joy to share the richness I have found on the yogic path with others.”

Eva Yearsley
Eva Yearsley has joyfully practiced and studied yoga for over 15 years. She offers a class that encourages each student's individual growth, while fostering a sense of community and friendship, making the practice accessible to all. In class Eva’s cues are clear, precise, warm and enthusiastic. There is a strong emphasis on alignment, safety and relaxation in class. The incorporation of pilates work ensures that those core muscles get plenty of attention. Eva’s certification is with Baptiste Power of Yoga and she is also an Iyengar enthusiast with many years of training in that style. She is registered through Yoga Alliance.

Raquel Harris
Rocky has been meditating since the seventies and practicing yoga since the early 1980’s. A burst of inspiration and a heartfelt desire to share the power of yoga recently led Rocky to enter the teacher training program at The Stress Management Center of Marin. She completed her study and was certified to teach yoga in July of 2013. Rocky currently enjoys leading her weekly yoga class at The Marin Brain Injury Network. She also teaches a Gentle Yoga community class at The Stress Management Center. Rocky is interested in helping people maintain flexibility, balance and grace as they age. Her class employs yoga tools that cultivate a deeper sense of awareness around body and breath, while offering appropriate modifications for changing bodies. In her free time Rocky maintains an active physical yoga practice and a deep meditation practice. She is committed to furthering her spiritual and personal growth through continuing education classes and self-study. Rocky is also Certified as a Labyrinth Facilitator.